Huawei Initiates Alexandria Pilot Smart Meters Installation, Operation

2018-02-05 21:38:53

Head of the Alexandria Electricity Distribution Company Eng. Hamdy Okasha, , said:  During the last week of December, Huawei Technology Egypt successfully completed the initial pilot installation and operation phase of 323 smart meters - in the Ibrahimia area - of ​​the Smart Meter Project in cooperation with Alexandria Electricity Distribution Company  Which comes within the framework of its plan to develop the meters system as a national project of Holding Electricity Company under the guidance of Dr. Mohammed Shaker, Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy on the project of installing smart meters to record the readings of electricity consumption and use of the latest smart electrical grids technology of national grid of electricity for its benefits to subscribers and electricity companies. This comes in the interest of the citizen, where the collection of readings of consumption is done remotely with high accuracy using the latest regulations that ensures the record of consumption is done accurately at the specified monthly date and avoids being considered in a higher segment. The smart meter will eliminate all the disadvantages that occur in the existing mechanical and electronic meters.

Huawei is the company implementing the project for the Governorate of Alexandria with 40,000 meters share to cover 6 areas, including 3 residential areas, Smouha, Ibrahimia and Saba Pasha, and 3 industrial areas including Borg Al Arab, Al-Amreya and Mergham.
Huawei is the strongest strategic ally that offers the world’s latest technology in the fields of smart meter with the largest track record for the same field of the project in major countries. The company has allocated the trained competencies and a large number of teams to ensure the speed of implementation with the highest efficiency possible in the light of the Minister's statements on shortening the time table, where the installation of the current stage in Alexandria has already been completed as the first distribution company amongst all.

The minister's statements came after meeting a number of sectors’ leaders in the presence of his deputy Eng. Osama Asran and the President of the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company, Eng. Gaber Desouki, to review the measures taken by the holding company and the nine electricity distribution companies in Egypt for the smart meters system where they have agreed to shorten the time table of the project. .

In the same context - on January17, 2018 - the project team of Alexandria distribution company met with the executive leadership of Huawei Eng. Mohammed Fawzi, Projects Manager, Eng. Emad Shehata Executive Project Manager and representatives of the Holding Company of Electricity, Eng. Osama Al-Saifi, Eng. Mohamed Hamed and representative of Nile Valley Contracting Co. Wael Alshahawi to reach an agreement on the coming work steps and all stages of installation procedures at maximum rates to ensure the completion in the shortest possible period successfully in light of the instructions of Engineer Hamdi Okasha to remove all obstacles to ensure that.