Wednesday 19 - Dec - 2018

LG Electronics Appoints Egyptian Football Star Hazem Emam as OLED Brand Ambassador

Wednesday 19 - Dec - 2018

LG Egypt today announced that it appointed Hazem Emam, Egyptian football star and member of the Egyptian Football Association, as ambassador of its OLED brand in Egypt. The announcement was made at a news conference held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Cairo and attended by Emam. The former Zamalek and national team player will promote LG OLED products at a time when Egypt gets ready to participate in FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia. He will focus on the advantages of OLED screens, which create unique and joyful viewing experiences with virtually perfect image quality.     
As the OLED patent holder, LG has been a leader in this technology since it launched its first OLED TV in 2013. OLED is today closely associated with the LG brand.
Several scientific reports and studies have shown that OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) offers the best image in terms of quality, clarity, and colours compared to any other currently available displays. The groundbreaking technology provides infinite contrast and wider viewing angle. Thanks to self-lighting pixels that switch on and off individually, OLED screens do not require backlight, unlike other screens, delivering perfect black and infinite colour contrast.
Commenting on the announcement, Managing Director for LG Egypt Don Kwack said:  We are pleased that Hazem will promote our OLED screens. As a football star loved by Egyptians, he is the right person to serve as the LG brand ambassador in Egypt before FIFA World Cup 2018 kicks off. Viewers see OLED screens as the future of the TV technology. With its superior images and thinnest ever design, OLED is far ahead of all its competitors, including LCDs.        
Commenting on his appointment, Emam said:  I am glad to cooperate with LG Electronics in this unique promotional campaign. I am a fan of OLED screens, using them to watch all football matches, as they offer a uniquely entertaining viewing experience. I know that the majority of Egyptians will not have the chance to travel to Russia to support our national team. But LG provides them with the alternative: a series of OLED products that will bring them closest to reality.
As the countdown for FIFA World Cup started, LG launched two additional models of 55 UHD 4K smart screens in Egypt allowing better viewing of football matches. One model has a magic remote control while the other is provided with AI voice recognition technology and a special football viewing system.