Wednesday 19 - Dec - 2018

As a new surprise... Lava the sponsor of Ahly Club for 4 years

Wednesday 19 - Dec - 2018

As a new surprise for the Egyptian market ..the Indian mobile phone company LAvA seized the right to sponsor Ahly Club in a strong competition with several major mobile companies Which has been working in the Egyptian market for years.
LAVA, which has completed its first year in the Egyptian market, has been able to reach a good market share
And LAVA culminated the success of the first year by obtain the right to sponsor the largest Egyptian club For 4 years
According to Wikipedia ,Al Ahly is one of the most famous Egyptian, Arab and African clubs in the football game. Al Ahli won 20 continental championships and placed him second in the world's clubs after Real Madrid. Al Ahly won the Egyptian League Football Shield 40 times (most recently) 2017 and won the Egyptian Cup 36 times (record), most recently in 2017.
The National Club or the Red Giant have also been crowned by the eight-times African Champions League record, most recently on 10 November 2013, in which they qualified for the fifth FIFA Club World Cup in their history,
 He also won the Egyptian Super Cup 9 times (record), the African Super Cup 6 times (record), the African Confederation Cup once, the African Cup of Nations 4 times and the Afro-Asian Cup once,
Al Ahly was chosen as the best African club in the 20th century, in accordance with the African Football Confederation's decision issued in 2000.
And several clubs in the region were named in the name of Ahli, such as Ahly Tripoli, Ahli Benghazi of Libya, Ahli of the Algerian league, Ahly Jeddah of Saudi Arabia, Ahli of Jordan, Ahly of Dubai UAE, Ahly of Bahrain and Ahli of Qatar.