Wednesday 19 - Dec - 2018

For the third consecutive year, 10 cadre’s youth begin their journey to China to participate in Huawei Seeds for the Future 2018 program.

Wednesday 19 - Dec - 2018

Under the patronage of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) and in cooperation with the National Telecommunications Institute (NTI), Huawei Technologies announced the launch  of Seeds for the Future 2018  program in September 2018 for the third consecutive year in Egypt. And today the awarded 10 Egyptian youth is departing to Beijing and Shenzhen China for a 2 weeks ICT training trip. The ICT trip is fully sponsored by Huawei Egypt Company. The Huawei Egypt  Seeds for the future  program is aiming at continue encouraging Egyptian youth to learn ICT technologies, to build youth capability in use and innovate with applied ICT technologies.  
 Youths are the drive for innovation in all industries especially in ICT field. Youth is the future of a nation   we expect the awarded youths have a fruitful journey in this ICT training journey in China  said by Terry Liu, the CEO of Huawei Technologies Egypt Co. Ltd.
The Seeds for the Future program is Huawei global flagship corporate social responsibility program.
The program provides outstanding students with the opportunity to gain valuable experience under a global
 business environment. The Huawei  Seeds for the future  program 2018 is the 3rd time Huawei had in Egypt.. The Huawei seeds for the future program is aiming to promote ICT education & nurture local talented youth people, to encourage young people to be more innovative in ICT technologies.  
What makes  Seeds for the Future  program unique is that it also offers first-hand learning opportunities through interactions with Huawei experts and visits to Huawei labs. Program participants can gain hands-on practice, witness live demonstrations of the latest ICT technologies, and attend workshops where they can meet Huawei's senior executives and experts. Through work placements in Huawei's business departments, participants can gain exposure to Huawei's global business operations and cross-cultural management practices.
The rapidly growing ICT industry has significantly changed business models and customer needs. As a result, the ICT industry ecosystem urgently requires a large number of technical staff who can address the challenges posed by this transformation. In many countries, a knowledge gap exists between what is learned in the classroom and the skills that are necessary in the real world. Therefore, the pool of skilled personnel should be provided with opportunities to learn and apply the latest technologies. To help ICT professionals fill the gap between theory and practice and master the required skills, Huawei launched the Seeds for the Future program in 2008. The program seeks to develop local ICT talent, enhance knowledge transfers, and improve people's understanding of and interest in the ICT industry. It also encourages countries across different regions to participate in building digital society.
The Seeds for the Future program was first launched in Thailand in 2008. As of the end of 2017, it has been implemented in 108 countries across five continents, benefiting over 30,000 students from more than 350 universities. This program has enabled Huawei to collaborate with local communities to share its ICT expertise, innovative technologies, and cross-cultural management experience in multiple ways. Huawei has also facilitated knowledge transfers and helped local communities develop highly efficient education systems that nurture local talent – particularly ICT professionals – to propel the ICT industry forward.
As of the end of 2017, nearly 3,621 outstanding university students from all over the world have visited and studied at Huawei HQ. Some have already joined Huawei or other ICT enterprises, contributing to the development of the entire ICT industry.