Wednesday 19 - Dec - 2018

VictoryLink sponsors Creative Industry Summit Ramadan Edition 2018

Wednesday 19 - Dec - 2018

Leading Egyptian company in digital solutions VictoryLink took part in the Creative Industry Summit Ramadan Edition 2018 on Sunday, where the company's leader shed light on the firm's approach for producing animated content to enhance children's learning process and offer creative advertisements.
The yearly event by the Creative Industry Summit brought together local and international game changers in the advertising and media industry to share insights about the advertising, digital, and drama productions aired every year during the holy month of Ramadan, a peak television series season in Egypt.

VictoryLink was one of the event’s sponsors through providing different SMS marketing services that easily reached the target audience who were interested in joining such big event. During the event, VictoryLink CEO and board member Engy El Sabban gave a speech about the company's drive to scale up its animation series and advertisement production since 2011.

 VictoryLink aims to be at the forefront of the animation production industry in the Middle East, offering high-quality content that fosters traditional values and promotes cultural awareness while enhancing the learning process and knowledge acquisition among young learners,  El-Sabban said.
VictoryLink has produced a number of award-winning animated series over the past years. These include Regal Hawl El-Rasool (Men around the Prophet) seasons one and two, a 3D animated series about the life of Prophet Muhammad’s followers. The 30-episode series, which was broadcast on several TV channels across the Middle East, was awarded First Place Children Program at Arab Radio and Television Festival in Tunisia . The show's third season will be aired in Ramadan next year.

During her speech, El-Sabban highlighted the benefits of using animation in the advertising business, saying animated content is cost-effective, offers a powerful tool to capture hard-to-represent ideas, and provides a limitless breadth of creativity. Over the past years, VictoryLink has carried out a multitude of successful animated advertisements including Mobil, Nissan, Novo Nordisk and Baby Joy – KSA, some of those hits were displayed in the event.

What’s more, she said, animated mascots have been helping marketers attract attention and make their products likeable in the very beginning of advertising campaigns, adding that they have numerous advantages over static logos or human spokespeople.