Sunday 16 - Dec - 2018

Omar Samra launches season 2 of “Make Space Yours” Project with Inertia’s support

Sunday 16 - Dec - 2018

Adventurer and founder of Wild Guanabana, Omar Samra, announced the launch of Season 2 of ‘Make Space Yours’, the first of its kind in Egypt and the Middle East, under the theme "Make Space Yours". Which has been transformed into a platform to inspire young people and school students to adventure, motivate them to discover the mysteries of space and interest in the new sciences through exciting projects, competitions and experiments. Witnessing a major expansion in its current session, with the support and encouragement of Inertia development, which is sponsoring the second consecutive season of the project.
Omar Samra explained that participation in the competition will be available to all students of Egypt between the age group (8-17 years). In the first season, the competition team managed to visit 77 schools and 44 universities in 9 governorates of Egypt. Visits to 5 private and international schools will be organized to attract more young people to participate in the exciting experiences of the project. Visits will be held in October and November.
He added that "the project is primarily aimed at simplifying space science and introducing new developments in its fields and highlighting the importance of the development of engineering, science, mathematics and technology in Egyptian schools, where participants are asked to present new ideas and create imagination for their creativity. In the space industry and inventors and highlight their personal talents in a way that contributes to the discovery, " explaining that it aims to deploy the project in the Middle East countries after the success and increase the demand to participate in its activities and competitions in Egypt.
Omar Samra expressed his great appreciation for the sponsorship of Inertia: "This is not unusual for one of the leading Egyptian real estate developers that is keen to support and encourage unique ideas, as well as creating new concepts and more," said Samra.
He pointed out that the project will include two levels of competitions, and prizes vary by age group: "With the results announced in December, 10 to 15 students whose ages vary between 8 to 12 years, will have the opportunity to experience Zero Gravity in AERODIUM Egypt, as well as win a spot in Muricata camp" he said. While one winner of the age group from 13 to 17 years will be awarded a grand prize to join Omar Samra to experience a Zero Gravity flying experience in a non-gravity Boeing 737.
Eng. Ahmed Al-Adawy, CEO of Inertia, said: "We are proud to sponsor the Egyptian adventurer Omar Samra, which contributes in placing Egypt in the international scene and to his role in discovering unique talents, raising awareness and increasing interest in space science and exploration at the local level. "
 "We will continue to support and encourage the project locally and we look forward to its spread in other countries in the region, which will contribute to the increasing benefit of its activities and competitions," he added