365 Ecology, provides free filtration maintenance to precaution against the spread of the covid-19 virus

In light of the current circumstances and the spread of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) across the

globe, 365 Ecology, a leader in providing integrated energy efficient solutions and smart

technologies, precautions the public on the importance of regular maintenance of indoor

filtration systems and its link with wellbeing.

As a responsible corporate citizen, and in line with their values of wellbeing and promoting

a sustainable quality of life, 365 Ecology offers 3 months of free maintenance to their

commercial customers for their installed HVAC systems. This comes as part of their instilled

responsibility towards educating the public and playing an active and effective role in

maintaining the wellbeing of people, enabling them to successfully overcome difficulties

and stay in good health.

One of the main ways of maintain wellbeing is by breathing clean air which affects our

health, performance and productivity. With the majority of the public spending most of

their time indoors either at home or the workplace, and with warmer weather around the

corner, the need of air conditioning and ventilation systems will increase. Attention needs

to be paid to the filtration of the air and the necessary precautions are required to protect


Osama Bekhit, Founder and Managing Director of 365 Ecology explains that the main role

for ventilation, is the removal or dilution of pollutants, as microbial and viral contamination

may seep through and may be in the air we breathe. If the ventilation system is working

efficiently, it helps in preventing the entry of harmful substances that degrade indoor

environments, while diluting the concentration of airborne viruses or bacteria that can

cause infectious diseases.

The association between ventilation and health must be taken in consideration specially

during current circumstances, and to achieve and reach the healthy levels of air

purification, better maintenance, operation and hygiene of ventilation systems is a must.

This ensures that they are effectively removing air pollutants or diluting the concentrations

to acceptable levels for the health and comfort of individuals.


“In face of the challenges business and communities are facing today, we at 365 Ecology

understand that we all have a responsibility in bettering the situation we are currently

facing, that’s why we gave a thought about the health sector and their ongoing increasing

needs specially in such hard times and we started to offer rental services for our ventilation

systems so we can help in serving whether inside the main buildings or in the field

hospitals, we’ve also taken the appropriate measures in all our worksites to protect our

employees and customers while providing the necessary support and ensure the continuity

of business” said Osama Bekhit, Founder and Managing Director of 365 Ecology. Bekhit

added that the company is proactively creating educational material on their social media

platforms that helps raise awareness and educate the public on how to stay safe and take

the right precautions in the workplace and job sites to ensure wellbeing.



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