A Training Program That Aims to Prevent Discrimination Against HIV/AIDS Patients Is hosted By Janssen

In support of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy, Janssen–one of the pharmaceutical companies of Johnson & Johnson

-partners with the National AIDS Program and UNAIDS to support the healthcare industry with a two-day

training that aims to eliminate discrimination and stigmatization of patients living with HIV/AIDS.


The two-day training took place on Sunday, February 2nd and Monday, February 3rdunder the auspices of the

National AIDS Programto equipfrontline healthcare workers from 27 governorates with the knowledge of how to

deal with stigma and discrimination towards people living with HIV/AIDS, control of modes of

transmission, and updates aboutclinical protocols.

Ramez Mohsen Fawzi, Managing Director Janssen North Africa, said that “Janssen’s support to

HIV/AIDS patients stems from the company´s commitment to providing innovative and radical

solutions to the disease, as there were around 37.9 million people around the worldlivingwithitas of

the end of 2018, a large majority of whom reside in African countries.”

Thanks to the advances in research and development built over the past 30 years, HIV/AIDS has

turned from a fatal disease that took the lives of those infected by it within a short period of time,

into a treatable disease that provides HIV/AIDSpatients with a normal lifespan. Mohsen also added

that Johnson and Johnson committed to 500 million investment over four years to help end the

epidemic of HIV and Tuberculosis.

Mohsen reiterated Janssen’s commitmentto UNAIDS 90-90-90 targets, which aim at reaching

a 90% diagnosis rate, ensuring 90% of people diagnosed receive sustained antiretroviral therapy,

and ensuring that 90% of people receiving antiretroviral therapy haveviral suppressionduring 2020.

Mohsen also added that Janssen is working tirelessly to provide novel and effective solutions for

HIV/AIDS and that it has supported the African continent for the past 30 years. Janssen is one of the

few pharmaceutical companies working on HIV vaccine, which will be considered a breakthrough in

this therapy area. Janssen also offers long-action injectable treatment option stemming from its

commitment to patients.

As advocates of people living with or at risk of HIV/AIDS, UNAIDS has initiated activitiesin 3 governorateswith a plan to expand to 6 further governorates in 2020 all over Egypt in parallel to this training program to support women living with HIV or arevulnerable to it through governorate fever hospitals and community support activities,providing effectiveand non-discriminatorysupport to people living with HIV/AIDS.

Dr. Heba Ali, UNAIDS Egypt Country Manager commented, “As HIV/AIDS remains a taboo due to societal norms and despite the increasing awareness about the disease, peopleliving with HIV/AIDS are still subjected to discrimination in healthcare settings. For this reason, it is essential to train frontline healthcare workers in dealing with HIV/AIDS patients.”

Ali added: “The private sector plays an essential role in fighting HIV/AIDS and UNAIDS is extremely pleased to see its contribution, commitment and support in building healthier and more resilient societies free from HIV/AIDS.”

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