Art Accessibility for Cultural Preservation By Art D’Egypte

Art D’Egypte releases a series of exclusive never-before-seen online content aimed to

educate, inspire, and inform the youth of today on the importance of art history and

cultural preservation in the sustainable development of our nation.


“Art is what we turn to in times of turmoil and uncertainty. People are drawing, painting,

creating, writing and learning. As part of our initiative to make art accessible for all, we’ve

seen the opportunity in these difficult times, since the world is online, we will provide them

with content they can really learn from as a form of free art education,” said Nadine Abdel

Ghaffar, Founder of Art D’Egypte.


“Art mobility has the power to move mountains. It is a discourse between people, places

and cultures. Our model of leaving the white-cube behind and activating heritage sites with

site-specific art ensures that we remove all the layers of intimidation, status symbol, and

societal barriers associated with art viewing and art education,” Abdel Ghaffar added.


Art D’Egypte’s initiative aims make art more accessible to all by presenting a number of

different activities via its social media platforms with the aim of spreading awareness and

artistic culture among the public, especially in light of the global calls for social divergence

and the importance of utilizing this time for activities that enrich culture and awareness.



Below is a list of the initiatives we activated in March and that will go on for the month of

April, all of which will be online, and accessible to all. Stay tuned.


●       The Nagy Testimonial Episodes in Honor of Onsi Nagy – This is a series that was filmed

back in 2017 in honor of Effat and Mohamed Nagy, pioneer Modern Egyptian Artist who

helped shape the Egyptian art landscape. We chose to release this series now on Instagram

featuring renowned Art Writer Dr. Hussam Rashwan co-author with Valerie Didier Hess of

the Catalogue Raisonne of Mahmoud Said, Sultan Al Qassemi Art Collector and Founder of

Barjeel Art Foundation, Nadine Abdelghaffar Founder of Art D’Egypte, Farouk Hosny the

former Minister of Culture and Artist, and Essmat Dawestashy Modern Egyptian Artist.


●       A Series of Instagram LIVE Conversations every Monday and Wednesday 7PM Cairo

time (1PM ET) featuring movers and shakers in the local, regional and global art landscape

including curators, historians, artists, patrons, gallerists and art writers. 


●       Collaborating and consulting on the release of yet another powerful art scholarship and fund; helping students go after their dreams during these difficult times by launching the Mahy Khalifa Art Fund Scholarship through Art D’Egypte’s platform.


●       Coming Soon. We will be launching Art D’Égypte on Artsy, a major global player in art media, selling and collecting art online. Making Egyptian art accessible to all for purchase, viewing and collection from the comfort of your home.


●       We will be re-sharing and making our rich e-catalogues accessible to all online – these are a compilation of all the work Art D’Egypte has done over the past 3 years. Each year we release a catalogue with the exhibition, which includes artist commentaries and biographies, writings by renowned art historians, and hefty literary contributions on the importance of making art accessible to all.


●       We are currently working on a monograph for Modern Egyptian Art pioneers Effat and Mohammed Nagi – He was the first Egyptian Dean of the Beaux Arts Academy and created the Atelier D’Alexandrie – for more information on both please contact us. This book will be one of the most important pieces of literature on Egyptian art history.


●       Coming Soon. The Art D’Egypte Podcast – the first podcast dedicated to Egytpain artists and their place in the global art landscape.





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