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BIGO Technology Showcases Opportunities in Egypt to Singapore Ambassador

BIGO Technology, a Singapore-based Internet technology company

powered by Artificial Intelligence

(AI),hosted an exclusive delegation from Enterprise Singapore that was visiting Cairo on the invitation

of Dominic Goh Kian Swee, Singapore’s Ambassador to the Arab Republic of Egypt. Jackson Liu, Head

of MENA and Europe for BIGO Technology,shared insights on the Egyptian market, best business

practices, and opportunities that presents itself in the country.


Mr. Liu highlighted the strides that BIGO


has taken in establishing their operations in Cairo, Egypt, as

the regional hub, employing more than 300 professionals, most of whom are in technical roles. The

Cairo operation is primarily responsible for content quality and ensuring cultural relevance for

users of BIGO LIVE across the MENA region.

The Singaporean business delegation visited BIGO offices in Cairo and were introduced to

BIGO’s use of Artificial Intelligence. They also interacted with BIGO Egypt legal and financial

leaders to understand the business set-up process in Egypt.


“Egypt is a country that is of extreme importance to us for its business-friendly environment and

access to quality skillsets, and we are constantly looking for new areas and opportunities

to invest in,” said Jackson Liu, Head of MENA and Europe, BIGO Technology.

“The Egyptian youth are qualified and motivated, and are looking for opportunities

to showcase their skills and talents to the region and across the world. Having established

and ramped-up quickly, we are happy to be the points of reference for other world-class

businesses from Singapore that are exploring opportunities in Egypt, and we commend

Ambassador Goh’s leadership in this initiative.”

Ambassador Goh expressed his appreciation for BIGO Technology and their vision

for success in Egypt, and commended BIGO leadership for their position in

Egypt as a leading Singaporean technology company.

BIGO Technologyhas demonstrated its commitment to the MENA region by announcing

a scholarship competition in AI for talented youth in Egypt and other Arab countries.

The winners will gain hands-on-experience at one of BIGO’s offices in Singapore,

Cairo, or Silicon Valley as part of a 90-day global tour and will have

the opportunity to network with some of the world’s leading technology professional.


At present, BIGO has five R&D centres, in Singapore, U.S., Middle East, India,

and China, and over 20 offices around the globe.

It has three offices in the Middle East region; Cairo, Dubai,

and most recently Jordan in addition to another in Turkey. It has also 30 offices in Europe

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