Calling All Foodies: TikTok MENA Rolls Out its Newest #foodtok Four-Challenge Campaign to the Middle East

TikTok, the world’s leading short-form video platform, is collaborating with leading content creators and chefs from the Middle East to roll-out a series of food and cooking related challenges as part of its latest #foodtok campaign.

Running from October 9th to November 5th, #foodtok will see a series of TikTok challenges introduced to the platform including #thechef, #foodshow, #foodhunter and #dessertmaker challenges. Geared towards the foodies of the region, the #foodtok campaign is encouraging users to create and share engaging food and cooking related content with their TikTok audiences by harnessing the power behind the vast range of creative tools featured on the platform. The challenge aims to inspire the creation of diverse and engaging educational and entertaining content for everyone.

Foodie vlogger Burak Özdemir, also known as CZN Burak (@cznburak), who is widely famous for preparing and presenting Turkish recipes online, joined the #foodtok challenge. Additionally, influencers such as, Hisham Baeshan (@misho_baeshen) and Amal Alturk (@turkishwithamal) have also posted about the competition on their accounts.

Opening up the challenge to public votes, all #foodtok challenge entries will be gathered on TikTok’s #foodtok voting page allowing TikTok users to vote for their favourite entries across the four challenges. Each #foodtok challenge winner will stand a chance to win a number of prizes including a TikTok trophy, new iPhone devices, and an official verification of their TikTok account.

#foodtok series of challenges below:
⦁ #thechef(Oct 9-15): showcase your cooking skills by capturing your creative process through a TikTok video revealing your secret tips, tricks and recipes. Your TikTok audience may learn a thing or two!
⦁ #foodshow (Oct 16-22): capture your camera-worthy daily meals in a creative way, giving your TikTok audience a serious case of food envy.
⦁ #foodhunter (Oct 23-29): put on your food reviewer hat and introduce your favourite dish/restaurant to your TikTok audience. You can even explore a new one with your followers.
⦁ #dessertmaker (Oct 30-Nov 5): if you are a baking enthusiast, this one is for you! Showcase your best desserts and sweet tooth cravings on the platform.

#foodtok entry mechanics:
1. Download the TikTok mobile application
2. Select one of the #foodtok challenges from the 2. TikTok #foodtok voting page
3. Create one video per #foodtok challenge that you choose to be part of and post it on TikTok using the #foodtok hashtag and the corresponding challenge hashtag (i.e. #thechef, #foodshow, #foodhunter or #dessertmaker)
4. Encourage your TikTok audience to vote for your entries on the 4. TikTok #foodtok voting page

TikTok allows everyone to capture and present their creativity, knowledge and moments that matter in everyday life. With a vast array of tools including various filters, stickers, music options and special effects among other features, TikTok allows users to produce truly entertaining and polished videos straight from their smartphones.

Winners will be chosen and announced on the TikTok platform after completion of each challenge.

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