customers: Misr Life Insurance accepts premium payments through electronic platforms


Misr Life Insurance Company, a subsidiary of Misr Insurance Holding Company, has taken

measures encouraging its customers to reduce cash transactions and use its digital

payment platforms. This comes in line with the company’s continued efforts to facilitate

the safety and comfort of its customers, while implementing the preventive measures

recommended by the Ministry of Health to reduce personal communications where



Customers can use Misr Life Insurance’s digital applications and electronic payment

channels that are already available for insurance services, as well as pay their premiums


through a large network of electronic payment channels, which include:


·         Misr Life Insurance official website www.misrlife.com as well as the company’s mobile app (on apple store and android)


·         Through Fawry outlets across the country and branches.


·         Through the Mobile wallet.


·         Through Fawry services available through National Bank of Egypt’s ATMs


In this context, Mr. Basel El Hini, Chairman and Managing Director of

Misr Insurance Holding Company, said: “Misr Insurance Holding Company and

its subsidiaries are diligent in following prevention methods and protecting their partners,

whether it be customers or employees. Therefore, Misr Insurance Holding Company and its

subsidiaries urge its customers to carry out their insurance dealings through electronic

payment methods and digital applications. This includes obtaining various insurance


services, paying insurance premiums, and keeping updated with corporate services.


Dr. Ahmed Abdel Aziz, Chairman and Managing Director of Misr Life Insurance said that “In


the framework of the measures aimed at limiting the spread of new cases of coronavirus

infection, Misr Life Insurance continues to strengthen the technical support team and the

communication center, in order to facilitate the provision of various insurance services, in


addition to providing all means of electronic payment through a large network of payment channels that allows our customers to pay installments directly reducing cash transactions





Dr. Abdel Aziz continued to highlight the importance of digitalization “Misr Life Insurance

Company is considered one of the first companies that started providing its services

electronically, whether at the level of service provision or premium collection operations

and making all information available to its customers at any time through digital


platforms as well as the call center in order to save customers time and effort. Investments

made in our digital solutions are aimed at providing the best service to our customers in

accordance with the best international practices allowing them to secure information, pay

installments while limiting cash transactions.

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