Huawei Releases Huawei ICT Academy Program 2.0 and launches the Intelligent Data Center Service Solution

At the Industrial Digital Transformation Conference-Live,

Huawei officially released the Huawei ICT Academy Program 2.0.

Through this program, Huawei aims to develop 2 million ICT professionals and popularize digital skills over the next five years by collaborating with universities.

This is part of Huawei’s digital inclusion initiative, TECH4ALL,

which is intended to expand the benefits of digital technology to everyone, everywhere. Huawei will set up the Huawei ICT Academy Development Incentive Fund (ADIF),

with a total investment of at least US$50 million over the next five years.

To meet new requirements and challenges,

the Huawei ICT Academy Program will enter the 2.0 phase in 2020.

According to its five-year plan, Huawei will develop 2 million ICT professionals and continuously update its school-enterprise cooperation solutions in cutting-edge

technologies, such as 5G and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Hank Stokbroekx, Vice President of Enterprise Service,

Huawei Enterprise BG, said that, Huawei will continue to establish more ICT Academies. Every year, we will build 600-1000 Huawei ICT Academies.

By doing so, we aim to benefit more university teachers and students in the digital world, enable more people to enjoy equal and high-quality education,

enhance digital skills, and inject fresh impetus into the industry.

Also today at the Industrial Digital Transformation Conference 2020 which was livestreamed globally,

Huawei officially released its Intelligent Data Center Service Solution.

This service can help customers design, build and operate the world’s high-reliability (Tier-4), green and intelligent data centers. With the aid of Artificial Intelligence,

the Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) can be reduced by 8%-15%.

As the intelligent brain of a digital enterprise,

advanced data centers will be in great demand.

With this in mind, and based on Huawei’s years of practice in ICT this full-lifecycle, one-stop service solution, provides customers with consulting & design,

integration implementation, intelligent operation and maintenance (O&M), and operation support.

Regarding the Intelligent Data Transformation Center Solution,

Hank Stokbroekx, Vice President of Enterprise Service,

Huawei Enterprise BG, said “Large data centers will be both the focus and the challenge of the future.

A super-large data center must have five features:

resource convergence, high power efficiency, business continuity, technological innovation, and intelligence.”

Worth mentioning,Huawei has established a comprehensive global service assurance

system and accumulated extensive experience in data center construction.

By 2019, we worked with more than 500 industry experts and 4200+ partners worldwide,

helping global enterprises build 1000+ data centers,

totaling an area of more than 2.4 million square meters.

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