Kaspersky partners with Arctic Security to deliver tailored threat intelligence to enterprises and service providers

Kaspersky is today announcing a new partnership with Arctic Security. Through this collaboration,
Kaspersky Threat Data Feeds will be available out-of-the-box,on Arctic Security’s Arctic Hub platform.
These feeds will help organizations with Security Operation Centers,
as well as managed security service and internet service providers,
to obtain the most up-to-date and relevant information about cyberthreats.
Not all information about cyberthreatsis helpful.
For instance,37% of information security executives say that there’s too much security data to deal with,
and not very much of it is actionable – as revealed by the latest global survey of IT security executives conducted by 451 Research and commissioned by Kaspersky .
Thanks to the partnership between Arctic Security and Kaspersky,
joint customersnow have access to Kaspersky Threat Data feedsthrough the Arctic Hub platform,
whichwill enable organizations to access comprehensive, context-rich and actionable threat intelligence.
Kaspersky Threat Data Feeds cover a wide spectrum of malicious activity, aggregated from the Kaspersky Security Network,
the Kaspersky Global Research and Analysis Team (GReAT), and other highly reliable sources of threat intelligence. Every record in the Data Feeds is 100% vetted with a zero false positive rate.
For every file hash, IP address, domain and URL,
there is rich and actionable context, including threat names, timestamps,
the geographical distribution of the threat and more.
Arctic Security helps governmental and commercial cybersecurity centres,
as well as other cyber-officials connected with organizations,
to get immediate access to critical and tailored threat intelligence.
Among its portfolio, the Finnish company currently provides Arctic Hub – asolution that automatically maps incoming threat informationto customers’ infrastructure, based on their internet presence,
and allows information to be shared via email reports as well as direct API access while determining how detailed the level of notifications should be.
“Kaspersky and Arctic Security share many joint customers within government and commercial cybersecurity centers,
as well as managed security service providers. This makes the collaboration very important for us. We at Kaspersky are devoted to providing actionable and reliable threat intelligence, and with the Arctic Hub solution it is even more convenient for our clients to gain access to our cyberthreat expertise,”
comments Casper Teijema, Global Partners Manager at Kaspersky.

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