Mobily and Ericsson provided seamless experiences for Hajj pilgrims

Mobily selected Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) to expand its network coverage and enhance end-user experience in the aim to provide one of the best networks during Hajj pilgrimage. The service provider is celebrating the successful network performance across Saudi Arabia achieved during this year’s Hajj season which hosted around 2.5 million pilgrims.
Real time viewing and sharing has become a natural part of the pilgrim’s experience when attending Hajj. This translates into a high stress scenario for the mobile network and consequently the service provider. At Hajj this year, Mobily was able to offer a modernized infrastructure in the Mashair area, introducing 5G in hotspots as well as testing use cases including fixed wireless access, surveillance drones and connected ambulance.
Alaa Malki, Mobily Chief Technology Officer says: When it comes to large public gatherings, users expect to enjoy the highest possible levels of network quality which ultimately depends on successful and reliable connectivity. Our number one priority during Hajj this year was to facilitate our subscribers’ as well as local and international guests’ sharing of emotions and impressions of the incredible holy pilgrimage. Hence, we partnered with Ericsson to utilize their experience in equipping us with the latest network solutions.
Ericsson provided network design and expansion services to enrich Mobily’s customer experience as well as improve network performance and capacity. As a result, the pilgrims connected 24/7 with higher throughput than previous years.
Fadi Pharaon, President of Ericsson Middle East & Africa, says: Ericsson’s partnership with Mobily focused on delivering positive digital experiences to all Hajj pilgrims this year by giving them faster and superior connectivity to stream live experiences, in addition to other interactive communication services and social networking. We are excited that Mobily succeeded in providing seamless interactivity and connectivity experiences to pilgrims during Hajj 2019.
Ericsson’s network solutions met the challenges of today’s multi-channel, multi-platform world by delivering low latency and maintaining the quality of network coverage.

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