Mobily and Ericsson take another step on their Saudization journey

  • Ericsson and Mobily to recruit and train local teams to support Saudization plans
  • New IT Service Support team to help improve productivity and efficiency


 Saudi telecom operator Mobily and Ericsson  have agreed on a new program to localize

Mobily’s IT Service Support Office and enable the telco to operate it from Saudi Arabia.


To support the government’s Saudization agenda, Ericsson will support Mobily’s aim to

recruit Saudi talent for Front Office and Technical Services Desk to facilitate high-quality

customer experiences. In addition, Ericsson will also provide operator-specific courses

taught by industry experts, ranging from installation to integration, deployment and site


Commenting on the Saudization program, the Chief Technology Officer at Mobily, Alaa

Malkisaid: “In alignment with the Kingdom’s Saudization, Mobily has taken significant steps to reinvent its processes, infrastructures and business models. Our partnership with

Ericsson allows us to develop a highly-capable localized team to help us create unique

experiences for end-users, manage costs and remain competitive.”


IT Service Support is moving to the forefront in managed services as service providers seek

to enhance customer experience with more tightly integrated networks and business

processes. Mobily’s Saudi team will oversee all activities typically performed when running

an IT environment with the support of Ericsson’s cross-domain IT expertise and an in-

depth understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing service providers today.


Ekow Nelson, Vice President at Ericsson Middle East and Africa, says: “Today’s agreement

will support Mobily’s drive to empower Saudi Arabia’s digital transformation through local talent, as well as accelerate the deployment of digital services. With this partnership,

Ericsson will transform Mobily’s IT landscape and support their ambition of providing

superior customer experience with strong capabilities in the IT space.”

The new team will manage Operational and Business Support Systems. Its responsibilities

will also include ensuring IT security compliance for Mobily’s IT environment, as well as

supporting the telco in all future IT infrastructure projects in order to deliver best-in-class

services and overall experience to Mobily customers.

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