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OPPO Launches OPPO A92 in Egypt and Shines Once Again with Innovation Breakthrough

– OPPO, the leading global smartphone brand has announced the arrival of the new handset of A series OPPO A92to the Egyptian market.

OPPO has always been a brand that puts young people around the world at the top of its

priorities. Today, OPPO A92 has launched a refreshing design with powerful settings in

both hardware and software, aiming to deliver advanced technology in everyday usage.

OPPO A92 is built standing on user’s needs. With large capacity of 8GB RAM+128GB ROM

and 5000mAh Battery, it levels up the fundamental capabilities. Together with magnificent

1080P Neo-Display and 48MP AI Quad Camera, OPPO A92 stands out as a full package,

offering trendy and dynamic technologies, design and experience.

On this occasion, Brand Director, Eve Han said: “OPPO A92’s launch in Egypt comes today to further serve young group with a versatile and powerful product designed in trendy style and most updated tech features. We have noticed the remarkable market changes in the

past few years. The rise of visual expression on social media platforms has allowed OPPO to

create technological advancement utilized in entertainment. We hope the OPPO A92 can

help the younger generation cope with the changes in their lives, find their personal

expression style, and shine in every important moment of life.”

Powerful Settings to Deliver Smooth and Dynamic Performance

Committed to user-centric philosophy, OPPO A92 is packed with 8GB RAM+128GB ROM to

ensure system speed and smoothness. The Standard 8 GB LPDDR4X Memory granted OPPO

A92 to run without any lag. UFS 2.1 Storage comes standard with faster continuous reading

performance.  Powered by Qualcomm 665, OPPO A92 is pumped with upgraded features in

lower power consumption. Meanwhile, Hyper Boost efficiently improves the handset’s

performance on system level. You will experience fluid gaming experience with intelligent

frame rate.

To support the powerful system performance, a 5000 mAh Battery is embedded together with the 18W Fast Charge, which enables OPPO A92 easily help you get through the day. It

also supports reverse charging, allowing you to charge a friend’s phone. Thanks to the

reliable long-lasting battery life, the mobile phone’s service life is prolonged with less

charging and discharging.  

On top of the Hi-Res Verification and Widevine L1 Certification, OPPO A92 offers an

amazing audio-visual banquet with many more surprising features. The Dual Stereo

Speakers are set on the top and bottom respectively to boost the surrounding sound effect.

Together with the Dirac 2.0 Sound Effect, OPPO A92 can automatically switch between

different sound scenarios, allowing users to immediately enter another world when they

turn on the immersive audio.

As OPPO’s latest iteration of its customized Android 10-based operating system, ColorOS

7.1 obtains a lightweight designing language and aims to create an ultimate aesthetic and

delightful experience. Multiple modes are supported on OPPO A92 to help users juggle

between different aspects of life, including a Simple Mode that shows only the current task

in large font, a Multi-user Mode to keep work and life separated, and a Riding Mode

specifically for bikers and motor riders. With Quick Return Bubble, OPPO A92 helps you to

prioritize and efficiently organize tasks on your phone, making life much easier. The Real-

time Privacy Protection is embedded to enhance the security of users’ personal data.

Artistic Design to Bring Fresh Experiences to Your Eyes and Hands

To better match the lifestyle and tastes of young users, OPPO has made some innovative

adjustments while designing OPPO A92.

Adopting a 6.5-inch 1080P Neo-Display, OPPO A92 takes the flagship design language to

the next level. With a front camera embedded, it comes with ultra-high screen-to-body

ratio of 90.5%, and only 1.73 mm bezels on left and right. The resolution of 2400 × 1080

pixels and 405 PPI pixel density have exceeded the recognition limit of human eyes,

achieving ultra-immersive visual experience. Holding the Eye Protection Certification by

TüVRheinland, the Eye Care Mode of OPPO A92 can effectively filter out the blue light of the

screen, which will significantly reduce the harm to the users’ eyes, ensuring more comfort

when using. Also, the AI Backlight Adjustment will intelligently learn the reading habit of

user, to come up with a personalized automatic backlight adjustment.

For the first time, a Constellation Design is applied on OPPO products. With 3D Quad-curve

design, OPPO A92’s curvature on the back is greatly optimized, leading to a rounder and

more comfortable handgrip. Even with a large battery installed, OPPO A92 weighs 192g

with a good ergonomic grip. Inspired by the changing color of polar sky, OPPO A92 comes

with three stunning colors – Twilight Black, Shining White and Aurora Purple.

A C-shaped camera layout is adopted on OPPO’s handset to stay in line with the overall designing language. The four rear cameras are integrated together and arranged in the

form of a letter C, along with the well-designed flash, just like a constellation shinning on

the magnificent polar sky. The rectangle is almost the same aspect ratio of the mobile

phone, keeping a harmonious layout of the cameras.

Side Fingerprint Unlock is also new to the series. On OPPO A92, the Power Button and

Fingerprint Recognition Button are integrated on one side, devoting to an intact and simple

overall back design. Located on the side, unlocking saves you the trouble to smudge the

screen with fingerprints or even pick it up. It is also faster than on-screen fingerprint

unlocking with a higher recognition rate.


48 MP AI Quad Camera to Capture All Shining Moments  

OPPO A92 with 48 MP AI Quad Camera is a complete package of all the trending

photography features. 48 MP Ultra HD Main Camera with ½Extra-large Sensor brings high-

resolution imaging capability and high resolving capability, providing users with an on-the-

go photography device to explore better detailed clarity in images.

Assisted by wide-angle distortion optimization, the 8 MP Ultra Wide Angle Lens of 119.1°

can widen your horizon in hand and capture life moments without cutting anyone or

anything out; no matter if you are shooting scenery or shooting in small spaces. Ultra Night

Mode 2.0 together with the F1.7 large apertures on main camera provide users night scene

photos that exceed the brightness and details human eyes can see. With superior low-light

performance, and a wider dynamic range, OPPO A92 in handheld mode can create a single

night scene image by combining 3-8 images of different dimness, optimizing the ultimate

clarity and clearness.

Powered by 16 MP front camera and f2.0 large-aperture, OPPO’s self-developed AI Beautification can reveal your natural beauty in a delicate way. The algorithm can automatically identify age and gender to create more customized and natural selfies with refined and beautiful skin. Coming with a more delicate skin effect and a smoother contour effect, users can easily obtain their own style in different scenes and lighting conditions.

With the booming of short video platforms and vlogging lifestyle becoming mainstream,

OPPO A92 is designed into an on-the-go filming handset which makes high-quality video

shooting and editing more accessible. 4K Video Shooting will deliver high-quality videos

that are clearer, more stable, with more vivid colors and no latency, as today’s users are

asking for. The imaging capability under distinctive lighting contrast has been optimized

profoundly. Whether under strong sunlight or at night, flaws like noise and color distortion

will be significantly reduced. As one of OPPO’s signature features, Video Stability is also

embedded on OPPO A92 to help users cope up with moving and shaking scenarios.

Moreover, Wide Angle Video is added to obtain an even wider field of view. With OPPO’s

self-developed smart editing App Sloop and diversified video filters, users can make their

movie-like video ideas come true and become their own directors of life.

Market availability

OPPO A92 comes with 3 amazing colors Aurora Purple, Twilight Black, Shining White for 4,990EGP.






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