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OPPO to Launch Reno4 Series in Egypt

OPPO to Launch Reno4 Series in Egypt


Reno4 Series is equipped with Innovative Imaging

Features, Trendsetting Design and Smooth User Experience


 OPPO, the leading global smart devices brand, announced

the all-new Reno4 Series will be launched in Egypt on

September 23rd via an online conference.

Following the successful launch of Reno4 Series in China,

OPPO will deliver Reno4 Series to other markets, with some

adjustments tailored to local consumer needs and new

features to deliver a trendsetting experience to global

users.  The new international Reno4 Series will support 4G

to fit the local market context and will come with

innovative technology as the result of OPPO’s consistent

investment in a user-centric experience.

The Reno Series continues OPPO’s mission of delivering

innovation by listening to and walking a mile in the

customer’s shoes. With Reno4 Series, OPPO is pushing the

envelope and the legacy of the Reno Series by combining

the best of both worlds: The excitement and utility offered

by OPPO’s innovative technology, together with the

personality and style reflected by the trend-setting design.

For users who’ve grown up on their mobile devices and rely

on it to keep them in-the-know with all the latest trends,

Reno4 Series is the quintessential choice. Catering to the

diverse taste of the young generation, Reno4 Series, which

includes Reno4 Pro and Reno4, stand on its own, each with

its own merits. If you’re seeking a mobile phone that offers

a premium texture and a smooth user experience, the 90Hz

Borderless Sense screen of Reno4 Pro will excite your visual

senses and haptic perception. Together with the world’s

fastest 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 Flash Charging technology

that’s currently commercially available, you will be amazed

by how fast it is and your charging anxieties disappear in a

flash. However, if you’re looking to shine on social media,

you can express your creative side with Reno4 Series’

innovative imaging technology. Both Reno4 Pro and Reno4

make it easy to capture creative portraits or film at any

moment that’ll show off “Clearly the Best You” in front of

the camera. And you’ll be able to level up your video-

capturing skills to participate in the latest short video

trends. In addition, a whole new suite of facial recognition

and touch-free interactions will be available on Reno4 that

will give you the sense that you’re holding the future in

your hands.


Trendy Design with Comfortably Thin Body and Unique Colors

Pushing the boundaries of industrial design, Reno4 Series

strikes a delicate balance between functionality with a slim

and light body that comes together.

Reno4 Pro’s beautiful 3D curved screen instantly feels and

looks smooth, giving off a premium vibe that’s the result of

a well thought out ergonomic design and textured matte

back case, which is sure to satiate the appetites of those of

us that revel in trendsetting smartphones. All the while the

3D curved screen fits comfortably in your hand without

resulting in accidental touches around the edges.

Accentuating the beauty of the 3D curved screen, Reno4

Pro comes in both Starry Night and Galacfetic Blue colors

that exhibit the beauty of its delicate matte texture and

premium color.

Reno4 comes in a Space Black and Galactic Blue colors,

which introduce a design new technique that’s only found

on the OPPO Reno Series that adds a perfect combination

of a unique matte and glittery color that shimmers like a

diamond under light.

Trendsetting Camera Features That’ll Clearly Unlock the

Best You

Reno4 Series comes with a suite of creative camera

features that will take your portrait photography and

filming to the next level. Reno4 Series gives you the tool to

empower anyone to effortlessly express your unique style,

show off “Clearly the Best You” and make your portrait

shine clearly in every shot. Even if it’s to film your travel

vlog for YouTube, a short video for TikTok or simply capture

exclusive memories with friends and family, Reno4 Series

raises the bar with imaging features that makes it fun to

spice up your footage or photos. This includes the all-new

AI Color Portrait Mode, both support on photo and video

function, which mutes the background into black and white

while keeping the person in real color. Or you’ll be able to

master nighttime portrait shots with Night Flare Mode,

which applies artistic neon effects against the backdrop of

street lights and makes the person brighter at the same

time. But a single photo can’t tell a whole story. With video

platforms all the rage, Reno4 Series offers innovative

videography features to push the boundaries of your

creativity. With 960fps Smart Slow Motion, you’ll be able to

capture 960 frames within one second and capture epic

slow-motion shots in the thick of the action, whether you’re

capturing split-second micro-expression, or the moment

you sprinkle water or colored powder. Together with Ultra

Steady Video 3.0, Ultra Steady Mode will debut on the front

camera for the first time, which uses enhanced image

stabilization to make it effortless to capture steady videos

of high-intensity activities. Together with Ultra Steady

Video and Ultra Steady Video Pro on the Rear Camera,

well equipped to film quality videos of yourself whether you

are walking, running or cycling.

Touch-free Functions Made Possible by Reno4

Reno4 is equipped with Dual Punch-hole Deign. However,

this design doesn’t work the common way that you’d

expect. By leveraging the additional front “camera” to its

fullest, Reno4 unlocks an array of futuristic facial

recognition and gesture control interactions that make it

even easier and more secure to use the device. With Reno4,

you don’t need to touch the phone to use it in different

scenarios. Isn’t it incredibly cool to be able to control your

phone through the air, from afar?

Not just a smartphone brand:

In addition to the Reno 4 Series, OPPO will also introduce

for the first time in the Egyptian market OPPO Watch and

OPPO Enco W51, the first active noise cancellation (ANC)

true wireless headphones under OPPO Acoustics as a

response to the increased demand on smart wearable

devices in the Egyptian market. The


headphones are targeted especially at the daily commuter

market, but also perform ideally


in any travel situation or windy environment. They offer all

the hot, in-demand features such

as wireless charging, professional audio quality, ultra-low

latency, and intelligent touch

controls to create a dazzling comprehensive experience.

The OPPO Watch is OPPO’s first smartwatch series, and

as a strategic product line for the OPPO IoT ecosystem,

reflecting OPPO’s passion for exploration and unique

approach to wearable devices.  OPPO Watch is powered

with Wear OS by Google, which adapts core Google apps

and services for the wrist, and combines it with OPPO’s

strong aesthetic from the ColorOS for smartphones. With

all-new Watch VOOC flash charging, the product of OPPO’s

technical expertise in quick charging, the OPPO Watch

41mm can be charge to 30% in 15 minutes and extends

battery life through an innovative system involving a Smart

mode and Power Saver mode. OPPO Watch also takes

health and fitness functions to a new level, offering

multiple exercise modes, heart rate monitoring, and sleep

management, for a professional and science-backed health

and fitness experience.

While we’re setting the stage for what’s to come, stay

tuned for more details about the amazing upcoming

products features that will be revealed at OPPO’s official

online launch conference in Egypt on the 23rd of September

2020 at 8 PM via the links below:




























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