Orange Egypt and Orascom Construction Sponsor Enactus International Foundation Competition 2019

Continuing to support young innovators in the education sector, Orascom Construction and Orange Egypt sponsored the Cairo University team that won Enactus first world prize in the final Competition, which was held in Silicon Valley, San Jose, California, USA. Egypt has won the cup after an absence since 2010.
Cairo University won the title of local champion of Enactus Egypt in the annual competition held last July and was qualified to represent Egypt in the global competition among 37 countries, where each team, represented, the results of his projects in entrepreneurship and innovation to serve the community, in attendance of more than 5,000 students and businessmen. The competition has seen a large percentage of online viewing exceeded 70 thousand views.
It is noteworthy that Enactus Egypt has won the title of the World Cup championship in 2019 after reaching the final and competing with America, Germany and Canada. Enactus Cairo University managed to win the title for their project Rosy . The project has a great social dimension, where it helps women and gives them the opportunity to work through the manufacture of organic sanitary pads free of plastic and produced from banana tree fibers at a cheaper price than other expensive sanitary pads in the Egyptian market. The production is done after obtaining the permits of the Ministry of Health and after passing all required tests. The project has managed to sell more than 90,000 pads so far in more than one governorate and even expanded in Sudan and Uganda.
For her part, Hala Abdel Wadood, Head of Public Relations & Corporate Social Responsibility at Orange Egypt said she is proud of the remarkable achievement done by the Cairo University team in this international event.
Every time, Egypt’s youth prove that they have an endless stock of creativity, ambition, and desire to succeed. We have seen their genius months ago when Orange Egypt sponsored the local competition and the three qualified teams have been chosen for the global competition sponsored by Orange as well , she added.
We can attribute the success of these young people only to themselves. They possess the talent, knowledge, and specifications of successful leaders and entrepreneurs. These young talents believed in their abilities to solve society’s problems and worked hard to achieve their goals. Their first place worldwide is a culmination of all their efforts , Abdel Wadood demonstrated.
Orange Egypt is proud to sponsor Enactus competitions in Egypt for twelve years. This competition, which we support in Egypt, serves as a platform for young Egyptians where they are able to show their capabilities to achieve their dreams of entrepreneurship and innovation. Thus, we will do our best at Orange Egypt to support and nurture these creative platforms , she said.
The impact of this project is not only on personal health and hygiene, but also directly affects the number of working days for women in villages and the number of girls who are absent from school and drop out of school.
It is noteworthy that the Egyptian teams have an honorable history in winning the World Cup for Enactus Foundation, where Enactus Egypt has won second place in 2018, and the first place twice in 2009 and 2010, and also the second place in 2012.
The preliminary stages of the competition begin in three stages by participating teams locally, before qualifying for the Enactus international competition. The annual Leadership Training, sponsored by AG Bank, and a three-day consecutive Entrepreneurship Training Camp are held under the auspices of Orascom Construction and ExxonMobil. The International Competition is sponsored by Orascom Construction and Orange Egypt.
In addition, special competitions for entrepreneurship are launched under the auspices of Orange Egypt and another one about raising the standard of living under the auspices of Orascom Construction and the empowerment competition under the auspices of Juhayna. And another competition about the economic, environmental and social factors sponsored by Savola. Giza Systems and ExxonMobil sponsored some teams where they provided the needed and follow up and supervision to their projects throughout the academic year.
Enactus Egypt Competition is the largest student activity in 52 Egyptian. In 36 countries around the world. It is also part Enactus, a global non-profit organization located in 36 countries around the world.
Many of the leading organizations in Egypt have contributed to the achievement of distinguished achievements globally and locally by supporting and sponsoring the program of Enactus Egypt , including: Orascom Construction, Coca-Cola, Orange Egypt, ExxonMobil Egypt, EG Bank, Juhayna, Giza Systems and Savola and the Central Bank of Egypt.

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