realme Officially Unleashes the Gaming Monster With realme C3 & realme 6i

The 2020 strategy plan for realme focused on three integral pillars to boost their success


and help them become one of the top three in the Egyptian market. 

realme announced that its official launch for C3 and 6i smartphones will be unveiled for the

first time with the Helio G processor, on Monday 23rd of March. realme C3:The Gaming

Monster under 2.5K EGP,as the first in the world G70 processor. Along with realme 6i that

is equipped with the world’s first MediaTek Helio G80 chipset and considered as the best

choice under 3K EGP.

According to Antutu benchmarks, the Helio G70 processor got 39226 points for GPU, 72188

points for CPU and 195129 Points for SOC. 

These variously equipped smartphones introduce the most powerful devices in design and

feature in its economic category. The unique stylish designs of the smartphones and their

strong competitive performance are positioned at valuable prices that suit the needs of the

younger audiences who seek the adventurous lifestyle.

realme 2020 aims to become at the top three of the Egyptian market.Josef Wang,General

Manager of realme Middle East and Africa Operations, later singled out each category by

stating that “we aim to further improve our expertise in several smartphone categories that

cover, entry level devices; mid- range devices; and flagships, this is to expand and cover all

the needs of users in the Egyptian market during 2020.”


As for the specifications of the realme C3, realme C3 is an addition to realme’s entry-level

all-rounder the C series smartphones, which has 10.2 million users across the globe and

has successfully disrupted the entry-level segment of smartphones. realme C3 is a

superstar in 4 key areas – Performance, Battery, Display, and Camera. As a first in its

segment, the C3 features the world’s first MediaTek Helio G70 processor which will ensure

powerful and speedy performance for both mainstream users and gamers, alike, it will be

The game monster under 2.5K EGP.

The realme C3 will be launched in 2 exquisite colors – Blazing Red and Frozen Blue,

available in one edition of 3GB RAM and 64GB ROM. Along with a huge 5000mAH battery

with which one can enjoy infinite entertainment. With realme C3 one can talk for hours,

stream YouTube videos, listen to music, play games, and navigate without any

interruptions. It also supports a reverse charging, which means it can charge other devices

just like a power bank.

As for the realme 6i, it features a quad-camera with AI technology, 48 megapixels, and a

battery of 5000 mAh, a 6.5-inch full screen. It is also the first phone in the world to come

with the MediaTek Helio G80 processor in the world.Therealme 6i specializes in its powerful

quad-camera system, each camera of which is carried out its respective function and

collaborates closely with others, resulting in striking photo experience and fun.

Particularly, the ultimately clear 48MP main camera helps produce clear and beautiful

photos.Along with 5000mAh massive battery, realme’s largest battery,  that can certainly

come to have the longest battery life. All these powerful features will be positioned at the

best choice under 3K EGP.

In past successful launches, realme 5 series has sold more than 320 thousand devices.

Amongst the success realme 5 phone was listed as the “Sales Champion” on “Souq.com”, in

the category of 3K EGP. This success has positioned realme 6i with a more rigorous

competition and a potentially encouraging level of higher demands due to its powerful


Josef Wang noted that the realme plan for 2020 is very ambitious, as the company will not

only provide smartphones but aim to introduce new products that depend on the various

functions of the internet namely known as the “Internet of Things”. This will restore the

Egyptian market with smart devices such as; smartwatches and smart accessories and

smart TVs.

At the same time, realme prioritizes customer experience as they focused on facilitating the

accessibility between the consumer and the product by expanding their point of sales. Josef

stated in an interview that, “realme has capped the year with 3,500 retail stores and this

year we are aiming to cap the year with 5,000 retail stores in order to expand our

opportunities to sell and most importantly facilitate the process of purchase for the

Egyptian public.”











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