Sponsored by Infinix… PUBG Global Championship Finals Kick Off in Istanbul


In a groundbreaking partnership between Infinix,

a leading modern mobile phone brand, and PUBG Mobile,

Infinix has stepped up to sponsor the annual PUBG Mobile Global Championship.

The event commenced on November 2nd and extends through December 10th.

The final rounds of the championship are taking place in Istanbul, Turkey, starting today.

Noteworthy is the participation of 50 teams competing for a collective prize pool of $3 million.


Among them, 14 teams secured their spots in the finals which run from today

until December 10th, involving a series of 18 thrilling matches to crown this year’s champion.

Infinix presents its remarkable GT 10Pro model as the official gaming phone for

the championship, utilized throughout all the competitions.

The Infinix GT 10Pro: Official Phone for PMGC 2023

One of the participating players in this year’s championship stated,

“The GT 10 Pro performs exceptionally well,

and I doubt there’s a better phone at these price points,”

affirming the software’s suitability for gaming.

The player further emphasized the significant improvement of this phone

compared to last year’s model, noting, “The phone doesn’t overheat and cools down rapidly.

Unlike the previous model that had latency issues,

the GT 10Pro doesn’t experience such drawbacks.”

He added, “For enthusiasts of mobile gaming, this sports tournament is an

unmissable spectacle that also provides sponsors with global exposure.

” He highlighted that previously, older mobile phone companies like OnePlus,

Vivo, and Sony Xperia were common sponsors.

However, with Infinix’s involvement, a younger audience and a more vibrant

atmosphere have been drawn to the competitions,

owing to Infinix’s status as an emerging trendy brand and the exceptional support

of the GT 10Pro model within the competition.

Engineers from Infinix have rigorously tested the devices used in the competition.

As a next-generation gaming phone, the Infinix GT 10Pro boasts a high-definition

gaming screen with a 120Hz refresh rate supporting event-level touch delay,


along with advanced 6nm technology from the MediaTek D8050 5G game chip.

Collaborating with game manufacturers has led to extensive optimization,

delivering not just high-performance rates of 90 frames with PUBG but also

achieving 120 frames and 90 frames respectively on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and Free Fire.


Infinix’s tournament-provided phone model meets stringent performance

standards, enhancing the Type-C interface and fixed network capabilities,

simulating temperature, lighting, and sound field

at the competition scene for comprehensive optimization.

Moreover, both the Aurora Engine 3.0 and Darwin Engine 3.0 ensure a rapid and

exhilarating experience, empowering competitors to capitalize on every

opportunity to secure victory in the competition.

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