تنظيم الاتصالات يحصل على شهادة الأيزو 27001 في نظام تأمين المعلومات في مجالي الأمن السيبراني

NTRA obtains ISO 27001 of Information Security Systems

The National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Egypt (NTRA), in

cooperation with JAS-ANZ, obtained ISO 27001 of Information Security Systems in

the fields of in-house cybersecurity and digital transformation.


This comes in line with NTRA’s keen efforts to apply global standards within its organizational practices,

on the top of which are securing the process of circulating information across networks,

information systems as well as ICT infrastructure.

It also manifests NTRA’s measures to provide a secure environment for

exchanging information and reinforce the strategy of information security,


thereby supporting NTRA’s classification worldwide and uplifting investments within a

secure ICT environment that complies with international standards.

ISO 27001 is deemed the world’s best-known standard for a secure circulation of information,


and granted to the organizations which meet strict criteria of information and

important-data security as well as protection.

It is worth noting that NTRA had previously obtained ISO 9001-Certification of

Organizational Quality Management System, in regulating

telecom services in Egypt’s market back in December 2021.


The certification was also re-awarded to NTRA in 2022,

for the second consecutive year,


in line with NTRA’s strategy to apply the international standards of organizational

management for telecom service-governance.

Moreover, NTRA, represented by the Egyptian Computer Emergency Readiness

Team (EG-CERT), was globally ranked 23rd on ITU-Global Cybersecurity Index (GCI) in

2021 out of 193 countries across the world.


NTRA also won ‘Best Cybersecurity Influencing Entity’ Award of 2022 in the 4th

Cybersecurity Conference held in Tunisia, and came first in the 10th cyberdrill

organized by the Arab Regional Center for Cybersecurity.


Other milestones achieved by NTRA also include being selected as the vice chairman

of ITU-Study Group 17 (ITU-SG17) for cybersecurity, representing Africa.

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