Schools Now Kicks off in Egypt for the First Time with 300 education experts from 20 countries

The Global Schools Now conference reflects the successful partnership between the British

Council and the Ministry of Education


  • The National Teacher Training Program contributes to improving the educational
  • services provided to five million Egyptian students
  • Public school teachers are now equipped with modern 21st century teaching skills

[Cairo, Egypt 4/03/2020] Schools Now, an international conference by British Council’s

Partner Schools Global Network (PSGN), was inaugurated in Egypt today by Elizabeth

White, Country Director of the British Council in Egypt; Sir Geoffrey Adams, British

ambassador to Egypt and; Deputy Minister of Education, Dr. Reda Higazy. The conference

was attended by 300 delegates from 20 countries.


On the sidelines of the conference, it was announced that the National Teacher Training

Programme (NTTP), launched in 2018 in partnership with the Ministry of Education (MOE),

has impacted over five million Egyptian students in 27 governorates, with the objective of

raising teacher quality and improving English language proficiency among public school



“Schools Now” is a networking opportunity by PSGN, which brings together school leaders

to discover the latest in teaching and learning, how to bring an international dimension to schools and implement 21st century skills, for the purpose of fostering academic


Elizabeth White, Country Director of British Council in Egypt said: “PSGN creates

opportunities for working together, so we can better develop our young people to be

globally minded.  The network works with you, school leaders, our crucial partners, and

provides international networking opportunities through conferences and UK study tours,

as well as professional development offers for all members of the school community”


Sir Geoffrey Adams, the UK’s ambassador in Cairo, said: Education is a cornerstone for the relationship between the UK and Egypt, and we are working with the Ministry of Education on their national reform plan to reach students in marginalized areas, in cooperation with the British Council, whom we are very proud of, for its efforts and constructive work. Since President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s meeting with the UK Prime Minister in January 2020, education was confirmed to be a key priority for both countries in the future. We believe that the strengths of the UK, together with Egyptian aspirations, will result in a fruitful and inspiring partnership.”

Globally, the British Council serves 1,900 private schools and 40,000 teachers in 34 countries, affecting the lives of about one million students. In Egypt, it supports more than 140 private schools and over 130,000 students in 13 governorates, through scientific competitions such as “Science Stars”, modern education tools such as “Code Club”, and delivery of UK qualifications.

In parallel, British Council delivers programmes with MOE aimed to raise teaching quality to international standards within public schools, through continuous teacher development that raises their English language proficiency and teaching methodologies.

Deputy Minister of Education, Mr. Rega Hegazy, said: “Education is the goal of life, and in light of today’s digital transformation, the goal is not to spoon-feed students with information, but to create global thinkers who are capable of critical thinking, of reflecting on the wider world around them, and of working collaboratively, to be able participate in current global conversations”

On Saturday, the British Council will share in-depth results of NTTP, in the presence of Dr. Dina Borai, Advisor to the Minister of Education and Dr. Reda Hegazy, the Deputy Minister, as it succeeded in developing the skills of more than 20,000 teachers in all Egyptian governorates.

A result of a partnership between British Council Egypt and Ministry of Education, NTTP focused on extending teachers’ training and teaching skills, as well as the Ministry of Education leaders’ capacity. It is specifically designed for in-service Ministry of Education Primary Stage (Grades 1-6) teachers and teacher educators.

Both Schools Now and NTTP focus on 21st century learning and teaching skills. In another ambitious effort to foster pedagogical innovation across the country, the British Council has been running the Connecting Classrooms programme for over 10 years in Egypt. Through international partnerships and linking teachers with their peers from other countries, it has reached almost 220 public schools, 120,000 students and 4000 teachers.

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